Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm Back, Though I've Not Gone Far.

Cute little Kiwi here, isn't she just so cute? I'll bet that's what you are all thinking, yes. That this little kitty kat is so cute, but she can be a pain, yes.

I am here to warn you that she's not as innocent as she looks, no she's not. This morning I tried to bite her scruff but all she did was moan and groan and act like a big baby yes. I think it's important for cats to have a certain level of caturity, so they don't act like whiny kittens all the time, no.

I am very cature and I am not afraid of anything, no. Unless it's some weird person knocking on the door, then I run and hide, I do. But I only do it because I know if they saw me they'd be all intimidated because I am very mean, yes I am.

Here she is bigger, and she is trouble no doubt. I showed Kiwi who is boss, I did. And she knows it. She wants to be like me, she does. And I can't blame her. But don't be fooled like she's all cute and sweet, no. She likes to do lots of bad things like nip at my tail and whine and cry like a big baby girl cat. That's what she is: a whiny, tiny girl cat who does bad things. She's not good like me, no. She's bad. So just don't fall for her games, no.