Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Sadness is on me. On March 9th, this year, my friend Apollo, also known as Da Bub, or Bubby, died. It has taken me months to get up the stamina to write this. We were not really close. He and Thor were like brothers. Apollo started puking one day, then went to the veterinary place, which I hate, and died. I was sad. So were Kiwi and Shadow. It is different, all these months, without that blind boy. He was the youngest of us, and will be missed. My Mistress, Jessica, is still devastated, so I comfort her when I can.

Apollo would have turned five years old on the 30th of this month. Thor turned five on the 26th. My Mistress is writing a  book about him and my Master wrote one with all of us in it. I was the star, of course.

I miss you, Apollo: 8/30/07-3/9/12.