Friday, July 1, 2011


I like shoes. Yes. They are fun and smell nice. I like to roll around in my person's shoes. (She is my mommy but I am not a baby--no!) She got these new shoes and I like to roll around all the time. Yes. I like it because it is fun and it allows me to forget my problems. Yes.

I feel better. I do this whenever the brat tries to have his way. He won't have it his way, no! He is a brat!

I like shoes.


Just look at this brat I live with, yes. He is a big brat and always likes to sit by me. He is a pest. This morning he knocked over the garbage can and tried to blame it on me! Yes. Can you believe it? Then my person did not think it was me, no because she knows I am Oscar and I am perfect, yes. She knew it was this little brat who knocked over the can, yes she did. Then he ran away with his little fluff butt showing and his puffy tail in the hair. He has such a 'tude, he does.

Just look at those eyes. They are bad. They are the eyes of someone guilty, and Thor is guilty 'cause he is a little brat. He is!