Monday, September 7, 2009

Oscar is not a "man's cat."

In a recent post I, Oscar's mom, did about manly men, I tried thinking which of my cats are "manly cats."

Unfortunately, Oscar, the star of this blog, is not a "man's cat." For one thing, he's too temperamental, he whines too much, and he's a bit of a diva/drama queen. Just look at him. Does that look manly to you?

Thor is not a manly cat because he's too much of a pretty boy.

Even though we call him the "Pitten" because he is so handsome that he is the Brad Pitt of cats, he's probably more like the Jude Law of cats, but Pitten sounds better. Either way, he's handsome, knows it, and if he were a person would likely be some yuppie working some white collar job after having majored in something useless at a university.

And Shadow? Forget it. He's a hairdresser and humps our other male cats. Enough said.

The only one who qualifies as a "man's cat" would be Apollo. Why? Because he got herpes in the eyes and kicked its ass. He didn't peep or whine once. Ok, so that's not true, but he's not a drama queen, when he runs into the wall due to his blindness, he just shakes his head and runs on, as any real man's cat should. He's no pussy, after all!

Apollo: he's one badass Bub! That's why he is called Da Bub!