Monday, July 6, 2009

I am here. I am back. I am Oscar! Yes!

OK for all of my fans out there wondering just where I've been, I've told you that blogging takes a lot outta me. I enjoy tweeting because it is fun, but please stop all the pretty ladies trying to solicit me for human sex. I am a fixed male cat, yes. So there will be none of that.

And not to worry, I still look the same. And then this little brat had to get declawed, so now he can't fight at all! Ha ha ha! I'm sure you're thinking what a cute little kitty kat but he's a big brat, he is, yes.

Look how dumb he looks in that head thing! Ha ha ha! And when he tries to scratch, it is he who will sting. (I am trying to write a poem about it. Here's how it goes):

Poem (by me: Oscar)

Bratty Thor

There is this bratty kitten I know, yes.
His name is Thor.
Every morning, he whines at the door,
and I never have to guess
who is there because he's a bore.

Now that he's declawed,
He can't do a thing.
And whenever he tries to bite or scratch,
I just remind him who is King,
that it is me, Oscar, the King
of Cats. That is me.
And that is that.

Copyright by Oscar. Me. Yes.