Friday, January 11, 2008

Those Kittens Are All Over!

Who do these kittens think they are that they can just come in and run the whole show? Just look HERE. One of them likes to pull and yank on my tail but I tell him it's not OK no it's not. The other one likes to wander like he can't see and then he just bumps into walls and then he keeps going or playing with the other one and they are always jumping all over yes.

I can't have these kittens jumping all over the place and causing all this ruckus no I can't. They need to learn that I am in charge yes I am and I am Oscar and I run the show yes I do. I am the biggest cat around and they need to learn that yes. They will learn that and they will be afraid of me because I am chubby and I am very mean yes I am Oscar.